Monday, April 13, 2009


Recently I visited Amritsar. Amritsar district in the State of Punjab, India is about 217 km from Chandigarh. It takes about 5.00 hrs from Chandigarh.

Golden temple(Harmandir Sahib) The Golden temple is famous for its full golden dome, it is one of the most sacred pilgrim spots for Sikhs where Granth Sahib is kept. The 'Guru Ka Langar' offers free food to thousands of people everyday.

Jallian Wala Bagh The memorial at this site commemorates the 2000 Indians who were killed or wounded, shot indiscriminately by the British under the command of Gen Michael O"Dyer on April13, 1919 while participating in a peaceful public meeting. It is just opposite the Golden Temple.

Wagah Border Wagah is an Indo-Pak border between Amritsar and Lahore. The daily highlight is the evening "Beating the Retreat" ceremony. The Border ceremony starts at 6.00 to 6.30 p.m.
Durgiana Temple The Durgiana temple is also a very famous Hindu temple located in the city. It is built after the design of the Golden Temple.

Amritsari Kulchas and Papar- Waria are famous. The city is the best place on earth to experience the culinary expertise of Punjabis.

Bhrawan Da Dhaba in Town Hall is best dhaba in Amritsar. They offer thali for Rs.80, two amritsari aloo kulchas/two amritsar paneer kulchas, chana masala, sabut urad dal, aloo gobhi, boondi raita and salad, all made in pure/desi ghee. It’s phirni is very tasty for Rs.10/- per plate served in baked mud bowls. Lassi is a must have in Amritsar.